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firml negotiating rights last u.s. partner saying it will be used as political campaign. parliament's approval of the support for fukushima daiichi plant in japan. >>> public support for nuclear energy in demonstrators held their latest post-fukushima protest aimed at pressuring the government to rally was 2011 disaster. >> reporter: they brave heat and humidity to come out in historic numbers. these protesters in tokyo are demand thousands of people are here to say no power. >> translator: nuclear power is too dangerous humans inred explosio is still otest after protest urging the government to stop using atomice and academy award winning musician. they told the crowd life and health are much more important than economic people came out today to lis their own government stop restarting nuclear plants and decommission them. things. when i think about my child and other children in fukushima, i cannot help butt shame for all japanese if another nuclear accident happens again. really angry. this is terrible politics that politicians play. >> reporter: government
.n. security council after russia and china, again, exercised their veto power. the u.s. ambassador t tthe united nations says russia and china are protecting the syrian president and that thousands of civilians uld die as a result. susan rice spoke after the russian and chinese representatives at u.n. security council vetoed the latest resolution on the conflict in syria. the draft would have permitted nonmilitary sanctions if president assad's government refused to stop using heavy artillery within ten days and the resolution called for a 45-day extension of the u.n. cease-fire observers mission. the current term expires on friday. it's a third time russia and china have vetoed u.n. resolutions on syria. >> the security council has failed utterly. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad and allow -- >> western nations are expected to try to dlaft another resolution to extend the mission of the u.n. cease-fire observers. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon regrets the securi
>>> the road to kabul. pakistan agrees to reopen the supply routes to afghanistan. u.s. and pakistani leaders have come to agreement that will help nato soldiers to wrap up the mission in afghanistan. they agreed to reopen the routes to pakistan. the u.s. uses the roads to bring in goods and fuel. secretary of state hillary clinton discussed the details over the phone with the pakstani foreign minister. >> the foreign minister karr has advised her the ground lines of communication will be reopening. >> u.s. troops in afghanistan killed 24 pakistani soldiers in error last november in a cross-border air strike. pakistani blocked the supply routes. clinton offered an apology and expressed the condolences to the families of the dead soldiers. the islamic extremist group, the pakistani taliban criticized the agreement. members threat tuned attack u.s. convoys. nato leaders said the agreement demonstrates strengthened cooperation between their forces and pakistan. the signed treaties with other central asian countries to provide access into afghanistan, but those roadways pro
around the worlry minute. supporters of the it could save lives. held a press trict regulations. for us to control regional e used. we in japan mustch we can >> reporter: but the key playeon producers such as the weapon one-thir global arms shipment. washington ini treaty.rsed that position. his administ forthcoming on small arms or ammunition.guns are very popular in the u.s. a new pollhouseholds own a gun. somernational law that might, inright to arm themselves. the biggest on and produces overr. the country has resiston in the scope of the tr impractical. raised concerns.e countries are also among theorters. negotiations o for most of this month. negotiators say is not if there will be a treaty bu nhk wo >>> delegates from iran an meet in istanbul round of talks on iran's nucleare eu's foreign policy chief has urs this time. the seven times since the eu's catheri she hopes the iranianse concerns of the internnian , which can lead to them they're ology for peaceful purpo istanbul to de fu but the meetings are be strained.bargo on iranian oil im >>> the u.s. authoritie
syrian government forces have their guns trained on oppositions in the commercial capital. u.s. state department officials are among those who believe the soldiers are preparing to attack aleppo. ban ki-moon used the site of a massacre in boss nia to call for an end to the civil war. jun takahashi reports. >> reporter: ban key man wrapped up his tour of the former yugoslavia by visiting a city that saw the worst of the war there. he visited srebrenitzah to remember the past but also to warn of what's happening else where right now. >> international community failed to to provide the necessary protection for many people who were killed at the time when they needed our support. >> reporter: troops were stationed in the area as u.n. peacekeepers, but they were outgunned and outmanned. boss knowian serb troops overran srebrenitzah in july, 1995. they separated man and boys from women and girls. then they slaughtered 8,000 of them on a remote mountainside. 17 years on, people in srebrenitzah are reminded of the massacre almost daily. scientists are still trying to find the remains o
troops leave. afghan president hamid karzai, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon will be among those attending the meeting on sunday. japanese officials are trying to negotiate a total package of $15 billion by 2015. the amount is expected to meet a request president karzai made. he wants the money for reconstruction and development after nato troops leave his country in 2014. >>> an afghan minister outlined where some of that funding will go in a speech ahead of sunday's meeting. wais barmak says continued international support is needed to revive his country's rural areas. barmak is the minister for rural rehabilitation and development. he made his appeal friday at a symposium in tokyo. >> major challenges remain. residual conflict continues to delay and destruct development, growth and peace building. >> barmak says access to drinking water and medical services has improved in some villages, but he insists $125 million will be necessary for the next three years to build water supply systems and schools. barmak adds if the afghan people were
held a press conference pushing for strict regulations. >> translator: it is difficult for us to control regional conflicts in which small weapons are used. we in japan must create an environment in which we can contribute to peace-building. >> reporter: but the key players are big weapon producers such as the united states. the u.s. is the world's biggest weapons exporter, accounting for one-third of the total value of global arms shipment. washington initially opposed the treaty. but president obama reversed that position. his administration is not so forthcoming on some of the scope of the treaty, though, such as small arms or ammunition. guns are very popular in the u.s. a new poll indicates more than 40% of american households own a gun. some lawmakers resist any international law that might, in their view, infringe american people's constitutional right to arm themselves. the u.s. is also the biggest exporter of ammunition and produces over seven billion rounds a year. the country has resisted the proposed inclusion of ammunition in the scope of the treaty on the ground
when former u.s. president jimmy carter visited the north in 1994. analysts also suggest north korean authorities are hoping that by polishing the image of the young kim as a married man, they'll defuse concerns about the new leader's inexperience. >>> investors seem to be showing more confidence in the euro. ai uchida joins us from the business team, good morning. what's happening this morning? >> good morning, catherine. investors have their hopes pinned on the european central bank, because the president of the ecb expressed his resolve to safeguard the euro. mario draghi's remarks lifted the currency's value and boosted share prices. >> the ecb is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro. and believe me, it will be enough. >> draghi was speaking at a conference in london. he also commented on the high borrowing costs of some national bonds. he suggested the bank will take action if necessary. market players took his comments to mean that the ecb will buy spanish government bonds as well as bonds of other financially troubled nations. >>> as a result the euro rallied agai
over the next few years. >> translator: the government will try to use new sources of revenue. this is necessary to revive the french economy. >> auditors warned this week that the government must implement spending cuts to meet its reduction target. >>> investors are wall street are wrapping up their day ready to take time for independence day. but they've got more than a holiday to celebrate. ai uchida is here to fill us in. what's the news? >> we're seeing gains on global markets. extended gains for a third straight day due to more optimism following the eu summit meeting last week. u.s. stock prices also rose on factory orders with the dow jones industrial average climbing to a two-month high ending over half a percent higher at 12,943. for more we go to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. so the u.s. markets wrapping up the day in the positive ahead of the fourth of july public holiday. >> yes, indeed, ai. markets in the u.s. taking good cheer out of the factories order data that came out. also positives from the u.s. european markets. let's see how all of that i
activist there says the rebels destroyed seven of them. the activist says the free syrian army is using guerrilla tactics in the fight. government forces have retaliated with repeated attacks on opposition positions. state television reports the government side has pushed the opposition side back close to the border with turkey. government pilots have dropped bombs on densely populated areas where opposition forces have fled. civilian casualties are expected to rise. >>> united nations officials have withdrawn half of their observers from syria. about 140 monitor also remain on the ground. >> we have to hope that the whole process gains traction, that the vicious circle of violence can cease. >> he cited syria's deteriorating security as the key factor in the decision. still he said those who remain will continue with their work. u.n. security council members voted last week to extend the mission by 30 days, but the monitors have been forced to suspend most of their patrols since mid-june after syria entered a state of civil war. >>> turkey's government has met to discuss neighboring sy
under scrutiny. a go is expthis summer. car the eel headline customers in in the u.s. are the lookinging op uchida joinsat are you hearing from people? >> we often hear about car china,ailand. now we're are betting their futu the ar industry has despite the japan's motors joinrces two years aet up now their have production.he plant churning out 12 per year. times their initialutives at mitsubishi use the market stf triggered aussian car sales. 1.5 mi about half of the year the sector signs of though.smen sold about 2.6 million investors around taking a wait attitude on wednesday were close independence day. ended ahead of policyuropean central ba bank of details of are tra morning here inre going to mellegard at prettyditions the u.s. on he stockstoday? >> in the u.s. focus was european lot oftocks which throughout the week the sector also resignationceo. nikkei topix are kic thursday, ju and both ind the nik9,000 at nikkei higher for two a row.ocus today autos. data fes for thes fis well as earnings for operator chain focus on as branch mana
accused of conducting a shooting spree in a u.s. movie theater. james holmes faces 142 charges, including murder, attempted murder, and possession of explosives. he is suspected of killing 12 people and wounding 58 in aurora, colorado earlier this month. holmes spoke just once in monday's court appearance. he said, yes, when the judge asked if he understood the charges. the kies case is likely to hing his mental state at the time of the shooting. he was facing psychiatric treatment before the crimes. prosecutors will consult victims' families before deciding whether to demand the death penalty. lawyers for the world's two leading tech companies are going head-to-head over patents. ai joins us from the business team. ai, we are hearing about this yet again. >> yet again indeed and roots run deep on this one, catherine. number one and number two makers of smart phones around the world. and they are business parters np you might have guessed. it is apple and samsung electronics p. they have entered another legal battle over smart phones and tablet computers. jury selection began at the feder
, let's seeow ts affecting markets. over on wall street, u.s. stock prices ended on aixmo. for details on how stocks are trading here in jan,e' intoo to ramin melonguard. markets back in full swing after independence day liy. how are tokyo stocks looking? >> let's go straight to the lelsctllth fday morning, and we can see exactly how we're kicking off here in tokyo following the u.s. and european markets, and bh des trang lower. 06foth nikkei can you remember, and 675 for the topix. a mechanics b ihe.s we did have the nasdaq trading actually unchanged onhe day, but it was helped by shares from apple and the dow andhe s&p 500 actually trading lower and that was weighed down by neti sentiment following some services data. i'll come tt isecond. slowing growth really is one of the keyoces across the globe, and that's really been proven by some of theenal ba mes that we've seen specifically china, of course of course cutting rates. the european central bank yesterday, thursday, cutting ras, as expected, and also the fos w is following the jobs numbers later today ith.s could the federal re
>>> new threat. syrian officials say the country's troops could use chemical and biological weapons to respond to foreign aggression. government officials in syria are raising the stakes in the 16-month-long conflict that's divided their country and put other nations on alert. representatives of president bashar al-assad's administration admitted for the first time their military has chemical and biological weapons and they went further saying the armed forces could use the deadly arsenal if foreign troops intervene in the conflict. foreign ministry spokesperson responded to speculation by antigovernment fighters and other countries. the syrian military could resort to using weapons of mass destruction. he says his country's chemical and biological weapons are safely stored away and under the supervision of armed forces. >> these weapons are meant to be used only and strictly in the event of aggression against the syrian republic. >> makdissi stressed the military would never use the weapons against civilians or the syrian people under any circumstances. syria has not ratified the c
're gains on glo extended gains third to more the meeting. u.s. sto rose on orders with dow climbing to a high higher at 12,9 we go mellegard at markets wrappingy in the p the fourth holiday. ed markets in the cheer out of factorieshat came out. posit u.s.rkets. how all this wednesday july positive start and the780percent. the nikkei to in t given the have beentyf late volatil the gold and oil we have been. we d higher in prices as well as a volatility in gold ng atrude oil t up new yorkexchange arou concerns about supply afterbout sancti effect in this waswti around rkets aree volatility here in had not with -- oil some ofwell. that's for ng at the story stocks.dollar/yen currently upper levels and bit of there on the as well.of the european central currently trading expected to cut percent. ramin. on nvestors look forreopen on well we some there because there's still data for out sector ser sjob. on friday for >> lot, ramin mellegardokyo now, the international monetary f warned the u.s. government a imled on review its b measures. downsidefor th
of their customers in europe and in the u.s. are caught up in the downturn. some are looking into emerging markets to find business opportunities. ai uchida joins us now. what are you hearing from people? >> we often hear about car makers going into china, india, thailand. now we're hearing car makers are betting their future also on russia. the country's car industry has been growing despite the european debt crisis. japan's mitsubishi motors join forces two years ago to set up a plant southwest of moscow. now their assembly lines have started full scale production. workers at the kaluga plant are churning out 125,000 vehicles per year. that's three times their initial output. executives at mitsubishi hopes to use the facility as a platform for the russian market. the global financial crisis stemming from the collapse of lehman brothers triggered a plunge in russian car sales in 2009. dealers only sold about 1.5 million cars, which is about half of what they did the year before. the sector has shown strong signs of recovery, though. salesmen sold about 2.6 million cars last year. >>> well, invest
armed forces will use them if foreign troops intervene in the conflict. foreign ministry spokesperson jihad responded to speculation by anti-government fighters and other countries that the syrian military could resort to using weapons of mass destruction. he acknowledged his country has chemical and bacterial weapons. he says they're in storage and under the supervision of armed forces. >> translator: any unconventional weapon that the arab public possess would never -- would never be used against civilians or against the syrian people during this crisis. >> he says syrian forces will only use the weapons country faces external aggression. syria has not ratified the chemical weapons convention. officials from western countries suspect the assad government has stockpiles of mustard gas. they have expressed fear the turmoil in syria could allow terrorist organizations to take possession of these weapons. >>> european union foreign ministers say they're concerned about the potential use of chemical weapons in syria. they're also trying to choke off the supply of conventiona
monetary easing. the u.s. filed a complaint about china with the world trade organization on thursday. the u.s. is claiming that china has imposed anti-dumping duties on american car imports. the chinese trariffs are on auts and affect 92,000 cars and sport utility vehicle a year. $3 billion worth of u.s. exports to china. china has been iing tariffs and says the auto undindustry i subs didz subsidized. they have 60 days to resolve the dispute. after that the u.s. can ask a wto panel to deal with the matter. the trade complaint came as president barack obama hit the campaign trail in ohio. analysts say the obama administration is backing the car industry. ahead of the november presidential election. >> just this morning my administration took a new action to hold china accountable for unfair trade practices that harm american automakers. americans and america workers build better products than anybody else, so as long as we're competing on a fair playing field, instead of an unfair playing field we'll do just fine. >> meanwhile, apple is being sued again by chinese firms over patent a
in fukushima have been using water to keep the damaged reactors cool, but it created another problem. they have a massive amount of radioactive water to clean up. engineers believe they found a solution. right now, workers at fukushima daiichi used a decontamination tool that only removes cesium. the device unveiled tuesdayan remove cesium and other materials as well. the toxic water goes into a stainless steel tank containing a resin that absorbs radioactive materials. operators at fukushima daiichi hope to test the device in september. they have not decided what they will do with the water so it will be stored on-site. >>> thousands of people in japan are on the frontlines against the fight of the invisible enemy. they are cleaning up the radiation leak and it is still leaking. some worked at the damaged nuclear plant and others worked in the towns surrounding it. they all rely on one key piece of equipment and the people who shrugged off health fears. we have junio motosori with the story. >> reporter: hundreds are working on the clean up. radiation could be anywhere. so they are required to
about how to use a bailout fund to directly inject money into struggling banks. they're also discussing how to utilize the fund to stabilize bond markets for debt strapped countries facing high borrowing costs. the ministers are addressing the scale and conditions of financial support for spain. they're also weighing the greek government's request to relax the conditions for austerity measures. the eumposed the measures in return for financial support but discussioned with spain are already behind schedule and talks with the greek government have yet to begin in earnest. some observers speculate the finance ministers may have to meet again soon -- possibly next week. but one european politician has had enough. he feels leaders aren't discussing the right topics to begin with. what's the story? >> as that finance minister's meeting is going on in brussels there is a heated debate of its own kinden in athens. they're talking about how hard the country should push to relax the austerity measures. a senior greek government official, one official has quit over
.n. secretary general has issued a warning to the assad government. he's told syrian officials not to use their stockpiles of chemical weapons under any circumstances. >> any use of such weapons would be an outrageous crime and a major concern for the entire international community. >> pan was referring to a comment last week by a spokesperson of the syrian foreign ministry. the spokesperson said the military might use chemical weapons if foreign troops intervened in the conflict. pan called on the syrian government to safeguard their stockpiles of the weapons and said the situation is getting worse for u.n. observers. a u.n. convoy was attacked on sunday and more than a dozen vehicles have been destroyed so far. he said syria is the u.n.'s most urgent priority. >> a top anti-whaling activist ended his silence. he was arrested in frankfurt in may, but disappeared after skipping bail. he release aid statement on the group's website saying he left germany because he dn't want to be extradited to japan. watson said he is sure that he was never be released once in japanese custody so he made
industry. it strongly condemns tco for using itdominant position to loosen regulations. it also criticizes the utility for refusing to disclose information even after the disaster. the panel says workers at japan's nuclear regulatory agencies were no better. it evaluates their level of expertise as poor. it says the nuclear and industrial safety agency and the nuclear safety commission didn't maintain independence from pro-nuclear government bodies and didn't prioritize public safety. panel chair kurokawa emphasized the key points the panel members concluded in the final report. >> i think we have to have sharing the value of this process and this recommendation to a greater public in japan but also to the world. because that is the reason we made this committee meeting in addition to many inquiry and interviews and fact-finding sort of examination of any papers and documents. but a committee meeting has been opened. and also with simultaneous translation in english. you can see that, and here you may see how the leader of that time we invited many people --
in profit. looks like many consumers are opting to wait for the release of that i new iphone model. the u.s. electronics giant said on tuesday that its quarterly net profits stood at $8.8 billion, and that is up 20% from a year ago. sales also jumped 22% to $35 billion. but the strong figures were still lower than many analysts had expected, that's because unit sales of the iphone fell 26% from the previous quarter. the hugely popular smartphone accounts for neither half of apple's total sales. many consumers postponed their purchase of the product. they have apparently been anticipating the launch of a new model in the near future. >>> meanwhile sales of the ipad tablet soared 84% compared to the previous year. its new model had just come out in march. apple's top executive, tim cook, expressed confidence in the firm's ability to boost its earnings further. he says apple will continue to launch innovative products. >>> now over in spain, the country's government bond market took a hit once again, sending bond yields to a record high. that's because investors expect the country's finances w
it will launch an ultrafaster internet and television service in the u.s. using its own fiber optic network. the service is called googlefiber and will be available in parts of kansas and missouri in september. transfer speed will be 1 gb, 100 times faster than average broadband. google fiber will cost $120 a month. and internet only package costs $70 a month. the tv service will feature hundreds of channels and ability to record eight shows at a time. customers can use tablets and smart phones as voice activated remote control devices. >>> samsung electronics posted record operating profit in the april-june period thanks to robust sales of new smartphones. the south korean company said on friday, that sales in the quarter hit nearly $43 billion, up over 20% from a year ago in one term. operating profit rose almost 80% to about $6 billion. net profit reached almost $4.7 billion. their performance is attributed to strong demand for new galaxy smart phone models. sales in the mobile phone division marked a rise of 75% year over year. meanwhile, lg electronics reported a 46% rise in net profit
are continuingsentent. in a 1/3% on the effecti european an impact. u.s. range today ahead of the lso today. sidelined also theyrporate wel as well. focus that makers will report weaker earnings. it was down nearly 8% on wednesday. so that's awhat the perhaps change the market is having an impa leveontinues in japan. 60 on the yen. against whrough and a bit of a of the u.s. w financial institutions and of course everybody will be waiting for the afteupdate. looks like in the nikkei let's see how they are doing. china stillapart on a japan's foreign minister koichiro gemba and h thed by taiwan and china. of three chinese patrol boats in the to leave japanese territory. some of the islands l he said peaceful and stable control of the islands is im yang countries including islands in the south china sea. yang said the issues should be resolv declared islands off ho at a meeting of the ruling united russia party on wednesday, dmitry medvedev said the islands are an extremely promised residents the government will build sports and health facilities on two of the nd i ret
conference. >> he said members of his group want to give top priority to bringing down assad. u.s. officials have come out with their interpretation of the agreement. they say assad will not be among syria's next group of leaders. >> we are confident if this and when this transitional governing body is formed up along the lines of this document that he's not going to be part of it. >> even if assad refused to leave, he would essentially be stripped of power. she said the transitional governing body will be responsible for running the country. >>> the head of nato says the international community has a duty to put an end to the conflict and do it now. but the secretary-general said the alliance has no plans to step in. >> nato has no intention to intervene in syria and as i will stress today i think the right way forward is to find a political solution. >> rasmussen called on the u.n. security council to speak with one voice to pressure syria. >>> delegates from six world powers have been frustrated again and again. by a lack of progress on iran's nuclear program. they will get another chance
in a suburb of the u.s. city denver. a gunman opened fire at a movie theater in aurora, colorado. police say 12 people are dead and 40 others are wounded. they've arrested a suspect. the shooting happed after midnight. people were watching the premiere o oththnenebabaan movie "theheararknight ris reses popoce say the s spepe held at lelet t o guns. a local rarao o ation reportrthe was wearing g gagamask and set off a smoke e t tr r s bomb. ergency crewewhaha rushed the e wowoded to the h hpipil.l. the injurereininude those whwh gogohuhu while trying totoscsce from the t tatat. is theater attacaccomes ononhehe heels s a ahohoininin alabama eaeaieiethis week thth w wndnd 17 people. >>> anti-government forces in syria are gaining more ground in their campaign to topple president bashar al assad's regime. they have been fighting on a number of fronts in the central part of the country and in the capital damascus. now they've seized several border crossings. the anti-government forces say they've taken control of some positions on the border with turkey. online video shows opposition members de
of september, for using euro fund to purchase government bonds. this measure is designed to help struggling economies such as spain and italy, but representatives of finland and netherlands have expressed reservations about the plan. >> the eurozone debt crisis has dragged on for nearly two years. people might wonder why the finance ministers didn't finish their meeting without finishing what to do list so-called. what's taking them so long? >> well all the members are eager to calm the market, so there's an incentive to seek agreements, but when it comes down to concrete steps, they cannot give their consent so easily because they're using taxpayers' money to rescue other countries. that kind of thing doesn't go over well in prosperous countries such as the netherlands and germany. bear in mind, it took nearly a decade to create the single currency and bank ing and financial integration in the eurozone is proving far more challenging. mostly because of issues involving sovereignty, however, this crisis is already slowing down the global economy, including the united states, china, and japa
to its end. >> a government offshore told us they're considering establishing a department for the investigation in the new regulation agency which is going to start in september. there are still more questions than answers when it comes to the nuclear disaster. we will keep fueling the investigation and evaluations. >> thanks very much for that, hiroshi. for today's nuclear watch. >> people in japan's northeast are focused on overcoming the challenges of the 2011 disaster but it won't be easy. they have to rebuild homes, businesses, entire communities. we'll show you their struggles and their successes on "the road ahead" every wednesday, 1:00 p.m. japan time on "newsline." >> the u.s. economy grew and the department of commerce released preliminary gdp figures to june. consumer spending grew 1.5% in compared to the first quarter. disappointing figures due to jobs figures. the growth rates gained 2% during the first three months of the year. consumer accounts for 70% of economic activity. it grew 1.5% in the second quarter compared to the first quarter. dit disappointing f
expansion there especially in the advertising ctor. ramin, yahoo sathe perpetrators could use the released around 450,000 online.curity.g them to change passwords. this confid april it's attempt to restructure then in may board the chief executive offdegree. >>> all right. there have been no tokyo, karsai spoke need for pe components of most important of our responsibilities today. >> repor >> n't be peace unless the talk. we look into the >> reporter: getting the taliban to a conference table has proved difficently against reconciliation with the taliban. less than two months later, killed former t they were suspected thee been deadlocked. invaded afghanistan in 1979. london. go lisans agreed. but didn theirtaliban. do you the obama administration respo difficulties, but if it is their mil forces. but civilians. united natrd number. so there aical hat time they'll security a be done wi framework would work best to br >> this should befghan owned. on ameri sitting directl afghans for the because th will not g >> reporter: het take complete charge of negotiations wit
marwa, nice to herself. afrigadhafi's the time has come for us to shape libya. the discri>> left over fromregime. it's is running. the lack ofhe problem. xpress themselveshe first time. take the first s democracy.ure, >> reporter: now that libyans have cast their first the dic up to the ambassador to transition, he is the vi of japan. wer. what is your interpretation of how the country's first free vote, first fretroubles, but ge successful affecting 2 years ofdictatorship. i appreciate their le. >> elections were going to take some any indication of how libyans 60%, of 3 million eligible voters cast their regimefailed. i'm sure that libya will p twist an established in that country. >> twist and turns, as you new nations? >> i normalmentors, in my time now libya i by source of energy forjapan's former ambassador to palestinian leader filing a her lawyers to build the case about the find out the eln thbainem i o a ahr enoc inatco if is spain's deadline to cut t fialefitnda 30 billion e fopanish a investors and pl players to see how they areng re eurmoing. the ytisc
. would >> reporter: the students have begun using this method to reas bed. fforts have unexpected national wers are a s nhk world's tell us was it >> apply this to but they didn't have theings like trial yes, they water prize. the award ceremon rolm suffered tsunami damage last year. and they're keen to spread to the world about the thank you vkimoraocused on overcoming the challenges of the 2011 di but we'll their successes p.m. >>> londoners are tho and residence ms. nhk world's airic are stevenson has the story. the games! >> reporter: last month london's office of transport began handing out these driving througames. you know i t reserve my desomethingcision until i have read it. >> reporter: one way tol main olympic stadium takes about 40t $150 u.sservice. ifferent travel plans. after work hannah clemmons changes into her sports gear and runs home. she is taking part in tple like home it wi home run now has ten routes acrossit >> with so muchffic jams don't detract from the gala gala. erica stevenson, nhk london. >>> chinese ve japanese territory. the vessels le
and harvest today. >>> the face of aging >> the u.s. president obama says relaxin secretary of state clinton hinted the change could be ar include m human rights abuses and firms trading arms with north u.s. fi u disclosure about business transactions in myanmar. overseas adoption are returning home. their birth parents had wanted to spare them from the grinding poverty in mostly in europe and theolnhk w. >> reporter: he returned to his homeland in january where he works as a restaurant in making >>. [ indiscernible ] >> matthew isis my just want about them, a lot of things, the story of my family.or adoption to overseas parents. m must be related by blood. in recent not only they're in search of a good job. supports adoptees. it helps them earnheir biologic a seven to eight years. one reason is south korea's >> in august, a revised a member of the conditions for retur them who f -- society, really good human korea university in seoul. an adoptee, hefrance, nine >> we>> he whose lived society. as adoptees are anna jong, unprecedented raine . mori. >> hi japan. the brunt of it. hour andented
willdr of using cluster bombs. human rights watch said the assad . >>> foreign ministers from southeast asia are wrapping joint statement at the end of their discussions. itof territorial disputes in south doggaesn gather ministers began their meet inging onslan ment off the shoals in the sea.hs. from cambodia which chaired the eenoint effectively suspended thursday when the philippine foreign minister returned toapanese foreignl minister not intervenefully dissolve the torele yal >> reporter:nister in south china to showts in the east china sea. where they oversenkaku islands. gemba claimed that many countries participate in the japan will to impro on the nuclear orea w abide by u.n. security council resolutions. chinese foreign minister said thed crewsunprecedented downpour peo buri toequipment.e, police and firefighters all working together to season comes and always thi >> reporter: this is the some times towns and villages littered with torn uptracks. the last time the rs ago. to get otherwise, it will get sticky and then and it came
at mitsubishi hope to use the facility as the a platform for the russian market. the global financial crisis stemming from the collapse oflyman brothers, triggered a plunge in russian car sales in 2009. dealers sold 1.5 million units ahalf the year before. the sector has shown strong signs of recovery. salesmen sold 2.6 million cars last year. >>> japan is one of the most indebted nations in the world so it faces a pressing need to improve its fiscal health. one way to cushion the nation's coffers ties raise taxes. lawmakers in the lower house of the dias would raise consumption tax from 5%. if enacted it will reach 8% by 2014. and 10% by 2015. our business reporter, spoke with the chief economist for a securities company in japan to get her views. >> japan's credibility as a borrower was recently downgraded by a major ratings agency, how will a raise in consumption tax improve or affect japan's ability to borrow. >> i think the decision of the consumption tax hike in 2014, the gdp has reduced considerably. as the the rating agency has announced they were going to -- downgrade gdp credit rat
toear meaning selli term government see meeting is european an gsentiment. in a i impact. u.s. range today ahead of t lso today. ined also theyrporate wel as we earnings. it was down nearly 8% on wednesday. so that's awhat the perhaps chae market is having an impa leveontinues in japan. e u.s. w financial institutions and of course everybody will be waiting for the afterupdate. looks like in the nikkeilet's see how they are do. japan's foreign minister koichiro gemba and h thed by taiwan and china. of three chinese patrol boats some of the islands l tory. he said peaceful and stable control of the islands is im yang countries including islands in south china sea. yang said the issues should be resolvdeclared islands off ho at a meeting of the ruling united russia party on wednesda the islands are an extremely promised residents the government will build sports and health facilities on two of ther the peacejapan launch masaharu kono called it very regrettable, sayin>>> south pub it. koreans aren't afraid to take to the streets to let their leaders know how they feel this time they are
to libor. out that the fed is ready to take further act and over in the u.s. leading u.s.hole business yearintel net profit was down 4.3% to about and that ue largelychw, looking ahead, intel says sales growth for the entire year will likely be limited to 3% to 5% and that is changing demand among end users, intel has built a new plant to make thin a check on the on tuesday. are reacting. we're going to go toramin mellegard for that at the tokyo before seeing over there this bernanke's comment annoearnings. we had earnings frdata industrialexpecting. also a house ent, so helped translating into the topi levels are pretty percentikkei ended just a touch higher yesterday but rea exporters weighing on lit lg above market expect brokerages here. however, on. profits for stocks as well. the dollar again, testimony to 79.02-03. it was trading around 78 yesterday. the upper 96 yen levels yesterday. just a touch weaker against the dollar and the ngs and economicght? >> yes definitely. as far asmes. google, s in the u.s. later next. back to you, ai. ramin, thanks a lot are
by phone >> u.s. de the situation in ions are happening at the security council and they would impo sanctions against assad's regime. e and effective action on syria. ban released a statement saying council member responsibility. he says too long delegates will vote on the resolution thursday. and britain drafted the document. monitoring mission in syria by 45 days. the mission expires on friday. the resolut weapons within ten soluti differences over the competing visions for how to deal with syria. have you been president vladamir putin spoke over the phone but their representatives say they ork toward and professor mikau joins us now. for assad? r the regime. individuals were high-ranking officials. they
in the 6.9% in june compared to the previous month. that is better than the forecast. >>> the u.s. commerce building of got under way last month on a season market watchers had expected the highest in three uction of apartments and other permi it which is a key factor for an economic recovery track. ck price mpin at was due not only to hou market consensus, but also the positive sentiment stemming from good earnings reports. to see how at the tok ibm raised its outlook for this effect let's not af . quite a focus there on pc and hi is playing into opening both indexes for both indexe
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